The Arcane Insurrection: Byron Bishop

The Arcane Insurrection: Book Two

“Vilified by the community as a notorious delinquent, Byron has spent his best years as a petty criminal in order to provide for himself. He isn't alone, however… Byron has a secret companion who acts as a second conscience, a second set of eyes, and a second pair of hands. He has Baron, whom he can only describe as a brother, a twin, and a ghost. With Baron's help, Byron joins a criminal syndicate, which he sees as the first step toward a better life, but he is soon in over his head when a sinister group of assassins with their own supernatural gifts encounters and forcibly recruits him. With the body-count rising, Byron desperately tries to find a way out, but he and Baron don't always see eye-to-eye. How can Byron hope to escape and wash the blood from his hands, when the loyalty of his own conscience is compromised?”

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