You may have found this page due to my popular book about the Slenderman, or maybe my incessant marketing has perked your ears to my new series, The Pious Insurrection. Either way, thank you for visiting. Below is my complete bibliography. Click each cover to be taken to that book’s page, where you can find links to reviews, and/or places to purchase the books in other formats.

Happy reading!

Felix Faust (The Arcane Insurrection)

The Slender Man

Byron Bishop (The Arcane Insurrection, #2)

Eternal Victim

I love reading book reviews, but this is a whole level above that:~~📚
One of the best feelings as an author is knowing people have enjoyed your books, immersed in a world you created.

Today, I learned that a young man named Khai not only read and enjoyed The Reaping, but also chose to use it for his school book report. It challenged him to outline questions the book asks and connect them to things he sees in the real world.

His mother sent these to me: I peeked at his answers and swelled with joy when I saw just how deep he got into my story and how intelligently he related those thoughts to the world as he sees it.

This is one of the reasons I pursue storytelling. You never know how it might affect people around the world. I can think of a number of books that got me thinking as a kid and it's uplifting to know that my books can do the same.

Thank you, Kim & Khai! I'll have more stories out for you soon 💙
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Author problems:

I meet a lot of new people in everyday life, and many of them are surprised to find out that among all other things, I am an author. Usually, their disbelief hits them when they realize I wrote a book about The Slender Man.

But here's the deal, I wrote that book several years ago when I was 17. It was the second book I ever published, and personally, as an author, I feel like my later books are much better. That's in terms of story, depth, and quality of prose.

Despite that, The Slender Man is still significantly outselling all four of my other books combined, just based on the fact that the subject of Slenderman is more well-known and popular.

I love the book, and I'm proud to have written it, but when ever anyone says "I wanna read your Slenderman book", I always respond "Noooo, my other books are so much better"...
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The Reaping (The Pious Insurrection, #1)