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Felix Faust (The Arcane Insurrection)

The Slender Man

Byron Bishop (The Arcane Insurrection, #2)

Eternal Victim

2 days ago

The Pious Insurrection

I used to suffer from recurring sleep paralysis nightmares in which I had several vivid, visual encounters with shadow people, shadow children, and something I later recognized as a common phenomenon: a dark, slender man with jagged movements.

Online research showed me that I wasn't the only one who had these experiences. Other people saw this figure, too. Amazing, right?!

I took what I'd learned, and I wrote "The Slender Man," incorporating all of those actual nightmares into the horror. I mixed the physical, visual, and audible sensations with the lore of kidnappings, blurred images, impalement, and stalking.

While my writing has strongly evolved since then (I was 17 when I wrote that), it's still my most popular story.

Free download on my website; paperbacks available for sale online.
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I've always been fascinated by the multitude of ceremonial tools used in magical fiction and religion, from staves and scepters to athames and rings; I think I used all of the above in this book.

One of my favorite focuses to bring to light was Amos's lantern (pun maybe intended).

Out of all the possible magical objects, the lantern not only connected with his powers of light and shadow, but also acted as a visual indication of his remaining strength.
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The Reaping (The Pious Insurrection, #1)