I help businesses bring clients through their door by managing their social media and advertising campaigns.

You focus on what YOU do best, and I'll do the rest.

As a business, you can be a bar, a band, an app developer–it's all the same in the digital age. You need to compete. You need guests buying your drinks. You need fans at your shows, but with market saturation, you have to capitalize on social media and advertising to break through the noise. That's its own learning curve.

As a person who's run a bar, performs in a band, and write books, I went to school for marketing to support all of the above. As a result, I've worked on countless campaigns in a variety of fields. I've learned through firsthand trial-and-error how to make my advertising budget work. I now offer those skills to you.

These are the services I offer, and if you have a question about something more specific, write me and ask. I will work with you one-on-one to fully understand your vision work within your budget to help.

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Social Media Management
I can take the lead on your social media pages by posting regularly and engaging with your followers to keep your company relevant and lively. From here, when you have a product or event you want to push, I can work hand-in-hand to help create the right content and release them to your followers to help grow your brand.

Analytics & Consultations
I can review your analytics for you and make adjustments to help ensure your short-term actions serve your long-term goal. I can also hear your vision and strategize with you to get you set up to do your own marketing.

Promotional Design
I can create marketable content for your promotions, whether digital and optimized for web and mobile, or printed media such as flyers or book covers.

I can run ads and full campaigns that reach the right people: whether to boost sales, or gain followers, or to watch your video(s). What’s more important, is I can monitor them and make adjustments as necessary to get the most out of your advertising budget.

I can write a keyword and search-engine optimized landing page, product description, blurb, or other form of ad copy to get your message across.

Video Ad Formatting
I can take your video and optimize it for each form of social media you need it for, whether for Facebook In-Stream videos, Instagram Stories, or YouTube, I can format your content for each platform. Inquire further about full video production.

In conjunction with my talent agent, I can produce voiceover ads for podcasts or video promotions.

Event Promotions
I can build your event page, promote it, and stay on top of audience engagement and follow-ups to get people through your door or to attend your invent. I can also build upon this with flyers and other forms of advertisement.