The Pious Insurrection: The Reaping

Morgenstern's Fifth Book: A Grim, Sword & Sorcery Tale


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This is how the world ends: 

The innocent kill. Those killers lead. That is the nature of war, which ravages the province of Evigönda.

For a breath, there is peace, but the gods’ demands pull at the strings.Amos is a mystic who guards Bo, a seer who sacrificed her physical sight to see spirits. Together, they must use her judgment to harvest souls for the Reaping, a sacred mission and necessary evil to maintain the safety of their homeland.

Every move they make throws the world into further chaos, and when a scarred veteran makes it his mission to stop the Reaping so he can save his own struggling nation, the body count rises.

Shady allies and passionate enemies challenge the morals of piety and righteousness in this gripping fantasy tale.

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