Book Photos

Book cover concepts, fan art, or just people with my books... you'll find it all here:

A musician I've followed since I was 17 reads my books.
Check out her music.

She holds the first printed edition of The Reaping.

A long time fan and personal best friend. These are the people you want to keep close. Notice my other books in the background?

Not everyone has a mermaid model friend. This belongs here.

One of the strongest performers I've encountered on my journey. This is my good friend and fellow artist, Kristy. Check out her page.

One of my favorite collaborators in the Seattle scene. Check out her page.

Books. Butts. Battlestar Galactica.

Check out her review.

The first book I also published in hardcover.

Photo by Alex Stout (photographer) & Fox Chalker (model).

Found this fan art of a scene from my Slenderman book on Deviant Art.

First Edition Cover

Slender Man Concept #5

Artwork Credit: Anna Stockbring.

Slender Man Concept #4

A darker concept from Anna.

Slender Man Concept #3

Another by Anna.

Slender Man Concept #2

By Anna. The one chosen for the cover.

Slender Man Concept #1

Used on the inside of some editions.

Photo from the first library my books ever hit.